Call For Art Entry Form - The Journey III


Use the form below to enter the call for art. Entries will be accepted from September through February 15, 2018. Each entry will be reviewed by the Studio Lena Medeiros. Selected entries will be displayed at an exhibition and published in our photo gallery or homepage, social media channels, and Studio Lena Medeiros publications.


Please upload photos of your work. If your work is selected to be part of the exhibition, you will be required to send the original piece to One Art Space, c/o Studio Lena Medeiros  23 Warren Street - Galery 1, Tribeca New York, New York 10017 - USA on March 22, 2018. 


Submissions should be:


  • A static image file

  • Either .jpg, .png, or .tif format

  • At least 900 pixels wide

  • No more than 25 MB


Terms & Conditions – Entering the exhibition explicitly grants your consent to enter your submission into the public domain and for Studio Lena Medeiros to have permission to share any and/or all submissions on our Twitter account, website, blog and publications, to use your name and images of your art in all of its advertising and publicity, in print or online.


Selected entries: Due to the limited exhibition space, when your work is selected for the Journey III exhibition, you must confirm your participation within 3 days of receiving your acceptance to participate email from Studio Lena Medeiros.  You will be prompted to follow a link to select the number and size of the art work that you want to show and to make the final payment.  Entries selected for the exhibition must have the art work framed and wired, display ready, including the edges of the artwork must be finished (sides painted). Artists are responsible for shipping or conveying their own art work to and from One Art Space, c/o Studio Lena Medeiros per above address. 


Liability – All work will be handled with care. However, Studio Lena Medeiros does not carry insurance for your work and will not be responsible for loss or damage. Studio Lena Medeiros reserves the right to crop or alter your images at its discretion. Studio Lena Medeiros reserves the right to modify any of the aforementioned rules, terms, and conditions, including any right to have the Studio Lena Medeiros publish, display, or exhibit the selected entries.  Please avoid inclusion of any copyrighted, trademarked, or branded logos in images. Studio Lena Medeiros reserves the right to post all submissions to the Lena Medeiros homepage and any social media channels, as well as display selected photos in catalogs and publications.


Art Work Exhbition Fees 


Size/inches        Quantity          Fee        Early Registration (before Oct. 31st)

12x12                    2             $350.00       $250.00

14x14                    2             $350.00       $250.00

24x24                    2             $500.00       $400.00

32x36                    1             $480.00        $380.00

32x36                    2             $580.00        $480.00

48x48                    1             $500.00        $400.00

48x48                    2             $600.00        $500.00


Sculptures and Larger Art Work Fees - please send us inquire via email prior to apply.