"As a woman I feel free to express myself through my art work. Being an artist is like having wings to launch me into a perfect flight, transcending everyday life." - Lena Medeiros

   Since immigrating to America in 1995 Lena has retained her love and admiration for her native Brazil while embracing her American citizenship. Relocating to the United States has empowered Lena's unique expression of collage to evolve, visually navigating viewers through complex cultural, social and environmental issues with meticulous attention to detail. Entirely self taught, Lena utilizes only original print material to bring her intricate collages to life, authenticating her style of work without the use of any computer aided processes.  She is insistent each work of art is created without a preliminary sketch, allowing her mind to direct her hands so that each collage emerges organically. Through this therapeutic process at her studio in Jersey City, New Jersey Lena creates a heightened sense of awareness for the delicately precise placement of all imagery for each individual work.  Such attention to detail has garnered Lena the honorary award of Premier Artist on behalf of the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts in New York City and selected artist to showcase her work for the I Biennial International Arts of Sorocaba, Brazil.  Lena's work has gained international attention and recognition within the art world and praise from former Brazilian presidents for her distinctive collage work. Lena's work has been featured in exhibitions at the United Nations, United States head quarters in New York City, galleries throughout New York and across America, along with numerous exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lena continues to push the boundaries of collage by exploring unconventional decoupage techniques on furniture and three-dimensional objects. Her work has expanded from gallery exhibitions into the film industry.  Her feature film debut in "Against the Jab" released in April of 2014 has allowed Lena to broaden her audience while demonstrating her fervid collaging techniques as she continues her life long dedication to the arts.

It is important to mention that one of Lena's collage "Black is Beautiful" representing the African American History, was accepted by President Obama while in the White House, as part of the first family's private collection. President Obama's letter to Lena Medeiros can be seen here under the Press Tab.